March 20th, 2010

Schott Farms is a family farm located in Kulm, ND.  We are a century farm with third and fourth generation farmers caring for the land.  While the crops, technology, and farming techniques have changed, our values have not.  We strive to maintain good stewardship of the land that has God has given us.

My name is Peter Schott, and I am the site administrator of the Schott Farms blog.  I have been challenged and excited by the possibility of using social media tools to educate others on ag issues and specifically put a face to family farming.

The contributors to this blog come from a wide range of perspectives and backgrounds.  It is my hope that you will see and begin to understand that family farming has many different faces.  This page will be used to introduce each contributor.

Tommy Butcher – Profile coming soon!

Jordan Gackle – Profile coming soon!

Micah Schott – Profile coming soon!

Peter Schott – Profile coming soon!

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