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Farm Kids Have More Fun!

A common misconception about farms is that farms are boring.  You take a long drive out into the middle of nowhere and there is nobody and nothing to do.  Wrong!  Sure, a person can be bored silly on a farm just as well as they can in a city.  But as my mother always said “only boring people get bored.”  This is really true when it comes to farm kids.  Growing up on a farm you have to know how to make your own fun!  And a couple of perks are that most of that fun doesn’t cost you a cent and you really don’t have to travel anywhere to get to it.

Some things that I have done for fun on the farm, mostly when I was a teenager:

Go for a ride in the tractor or on the four-wheeler

Swim or fish if there is a river or lake nearby

Take your dad’s (or someone’s) pickup truck mudding (mudding is the activity in which one takes a truck down a muddy dirt or gravel road and mud flies everywhere making a huge mess and the vehicle slides around nearly going off the road….really quite exciting)

Horseback riding

Have a huge shop party so that you can invite nearly all the kids in the county

Bonfires out in the middle of nowhere

Taking some machinery out for a drive

Using your incredibly huge lawn as a golf course or a baseball diamond

Also using your incredibly huge lawn for a ice skating rink in the winter

Barn dances

Take a trip in the grain truck to the elevator and have coffee with the guys

Driving really fast down deserted roads (I wouldn’t try this one)

Street dances in small towns nearby

Hunting/or making a shooting range

Go to the implement dealer and check out the new tractors and combines

Check out the county fair or parade in the summertime

There are a lot of things that a person can do on a farm that are really fun.  Also as I have mentioned in my earlier posting is that farm life is also a lot about friends, family and the connections that you have with others.  If you have friends and neighbors then you can always get a group together and have a good time.

Some of these ideas may sound a little out there to some of you who have never experienced them but they really are a lot of fun.  And one does not have to be a “country person” to appreciate these things nor do those who live on farms not appreciate activities in metropolitan areas.

So I encourage you to find a friend who has access to a farm and go and try some of these things if you never have before.  You might find that you have more fun than you thought you would.


The Farmer’s Daughter


  1. Linsey Schott
    May 9th, 2010 at 13:49 | #1

    I did not have the privilege of growing up on a farm…I grew up in the suburbs of Chicago. But the highlight of my summer was going to visit Uncle Donald on his dairy farm in northern Wisconsin. We would search for kittens in the hay mow, throw corn to the pigs (one didn’t take it so well, broke out of the pen and chased us – Uncle Donald wasn’t so pleasant at that moment), catch fireflies in the trees at night, ride the wagon as they picked up small bales, gather eggs, play “kick the bucket”, get up at 4am to milk cows. I have nothing but good memories of my days on the farm! Since I was a child, I wanted to marry a farmer; and I DID!

    Oh, by the way, I am a farmer’s daughter – my dad left the farm when he married a Chicago gal!

  1. May 8th, 2010 at 15:58 | #1