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Welcome Tommy Butcher to our community!

March 19th, 2010

A quick introduction:

My name is Tommy and we have a small family farmstead in the Wheatland, ND area with about 10 acres. Currently we have a couple horses, some chickens and raise Wirehaired Pointing Griffons. In the past we kept a couple dairy goats for family use and are looking to possibly pick up a couple sheep for lamb meat and/or a couple miniature cows for milk/meat.

There are great benefits in having a small farmstead, especially when it comes to raising children and helping to provide fresh food. I have a edge with the dogs since I am technical in my profession and know how to position websites in the top searches for Google and Bing. This allows me to market my dogs online and reach a national audience.

The current challenges we have is finding where to purchase animals like sheep and mini-cows. We are fairly new to North Dakota, moved up from Texas 4 years ago, so we don’t have all the connections that long times rural residents have.


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